Smacktive App

March 23, 2014

Meet people like you.

Find people near you who share the same interests.  It’s a lot easier to make friends and stay active when you share common interests.

Chat instantly.

We’ve made it simple to message people with the same interests as you. If they have a #gym in their status you can find out if he or she would be an ideal gym partner for you.  If you’re a parent, maybe your new Smacktive friend is too!  Speak to them about common interests they may have with you.

Simple & personal.

Our goal is to make it incredibly easy to meet new people on your terms. Chat first & when you feel comfortable, meet in a public place for the activity you want to do.


The activity you want to do, right now, later today or soon. You are in control.

Search for any activity like gym, basketball, tennis, bowling, hiking, gym, movies, parenting, etc. Chat, meet and do it.

Search & Find

Type any activity or search by a persons name.

Chat & Meet In Person

Chat with someone you have the same interests with. Pick a time & place. Then go meet & do the activity OFFLINE.


Use your phone to make new friends OFFLINE.

Modify your settings in the app to block anyone, even all men or all women. Again, you are in control of who you want to be seen by and who views you.

Beautiful, modern design.

Very simple and easy to use functionality. Tap 1 button and you are chatting with someone new about your favorite activity.

Simple, functional interaction.

It should take you under a minute to be able to search, find and begin a chat with someone. Ready? Go.