Smacktive Sponsors Clinton Health Matters

Last week, Smacktive sponsored and attended the Clinton Foundation Health Matters Annual Activation Summit in beautiful Indian Wells, California. Pete Moore spoke about Smacktive in an impact announcement that was also streamed live, all attendees received an athletic Smacktive t-shirt, and were able to stop by our table in the relaxation lounge.

The Health Matters Summit provides specific examples of Clinton Health Matter Initiative’s work helping so many people in the US. It is an inspiring day led by President Bill Clinton.
In 2014, Pete Moore of Integrity Square, attended a session at the summit. It was during this session that Pete Moore was inspired to make a change in the health industry. President Clinton asked Bruce Brussard, CEO of Humana, what the top issue in obesity is. Mr. Brussard said “loneliness”.

In comes Smacktive.

Around the same time, our team, led by Sam Feuer, was creating an app that would allow people to do what they wanted, when they wanted, and not have any issue of being alone or not finding a partner. It started because Sam wanted to play tennis near him in NJ, with another dad or Yankees fan preferably, and there wasn’t something out there that connected him instantly with someone who was like him. So he decided to create it. Pete Moore heard about this, already inspired by the session in 2014, his company funded our app.

We are now on the mission to solve loneliness for millions of people.

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The Week in Review: Forbes and More…

The Smacktive team has been working around the clock to get the Smacktive Android App ready.  We should be available on Android within the next couple of weeks.

On Thursday, December 11th, Sam Feuer and Vanessa Branco went to a power breakfast at the Hudson Theatre where Brandon Steiner interviewed Mark Cuban and Derek Jeter.  With their deep love for the Yankees and for business, it was quite the experience.  Look out for the picture of them with Derek and Mark next week on Smacktive’s Facebook page!

To finish the week off in grand style,  Smacktive was featured in Forbes on Friday.   Smacktive is something that every person on the team envisioned,  it is something we all needed.  We built something that we can use ourselves, and we do.  As of today Smacktive has thousands of active users.  We are currently focusing our distribution in the NY and NJ area, but the app is available throughout the US on iOS.   Our CMO visited Oklahoma and saw four people near her in the area.  Our CEO noticed someone near him who wanted to go bowling.  Our business development lead connected with someone near him in LA to play a sport.

Ilya Posin from Forbes writes about how Smacktive helps solve the “paradox of choice”.  Smacktive allows users to do exactly what they want at any given time.  Smacktive connects people online to do things offline.  He finishes up the article with a powerful statement about Smacktive, “Smacktive isn’t alone in the space, and users have lots of options to find people nowadays. Of course, a lot of the other meetup apps out there seem to have a focus on dating. Smacktive seems to take the approach that if it can help users get out and find something to do, then new social connections will follow on naturally. That, to me, seems like a natural choice, and not a paradox at all.

You can read the full article here:

Smacktive in Forbes!

Smacktive app is on today as one of “five companies that are tapping into the power of crowds and communities“.  Ilya Posin writes about important factors needed for the high potential to scale such community-based companies, and how they are making their mark in this space.

The companies featured are: Applause, Mirage, Airtame, Angel and Smacktive.

Here is the article:

Smacktive is available to all iOS users, and will be available for Android soon.

Smacktive – Activity-Encouraged Apps on TrendHunter

Smacktive has been featured on Trend Hunter, the world’s largest collection of cutting edge ideas.   Smacktive thanks Vasiliki Marapas, Contributing Editor at!

Here is a quote from the write-up:

"How many times have you wanted to head to the gym with a friend, only to remember that all your pals are hopeless couch potatoes? The same goes for sports or board games. If your current friends don't like the same things you do, the only solution is to find more who do! Smacktive's instant messaging feature makes it easy to chat and make plans with strangers who are soon-to-be friends. "

Full article is here:

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Smacktive on CNN

At Smacktive’s launch party last week, Sara O’ Brien from CNN was in attendance.  She immediately saw the Smacktive team’s vision, resulting in an article published yesterday on CNN Money.   We are very excited to share our vision with the world, and deeply thank Sara O’Brien for such an incredible article.

Quoting our CEO, Sam Feuer, from his Facebook Page:

“CNNSmack….And it begins! Thanks so much for seeing our vision Sara O’Brien and thanks to our entire team Ayelet Noff, Pete Moore, Vanessa M. Branco, Marcelo Moyano, and all the Smackers for making this dream come true. Now to keep building…Here we GoSmackkkkkk”

From the article:


One may be the loneliest number, but with Sam Feuer’s latest app, there should be no excuses for finding new friends.

Smacktive, which launched out of beta on Monday, could help remedy loneliness — and counter another epidemic while it’s at it: obesity.

The app helps people find others nearby to do completely platonic activities with. Think Tinder meets Meetup.

People post 140-character statuses about the type of activity they’d like to do, set a time frame, and either wait for people nearby to respond or check out what others are up to. Users can filter by gender, distance, age — and in-app messaging lets users coordinate details for meeting up. It’s currently available around the country, but Feuer imagines it’ll be most popular in major cities. (It’s currently just available on iOS but versions for Android and the web will roll out soon.)

Read the full article here:



Smacktive Launch Party – October 8th 2014


View from MindSmack.TV’s Roofdeck

Last Wednesday, Smacktive held its launch party at the beautiful MindSmack.TV office in NYC.  With stunning city views, food and drinks including moscato sponsored by Myx Fusions and the Social Prompter projecting tweets and photos on the roofdeck, Smacktive celebrated with over 100 guests.  Guests were able to learn about the Smacktive app as Marcelo Moyano, our Chief Creative Officer, demonstrated it on a large screen, and each went home with some Smacktive gifts.  The winner of our raffle, Amanda Leibensperger, took home a little something extra – an iPad mini!

Smacktive would like to thank everyone who attended, and are looking forward to seeing you at our next event.

You can view our party photos here.

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