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The Week in Review: Forbes and More…

The Smacktive team has been working around the clock to get the Smacktive Android App ready.  We should be available on Android within the next couple of weeks.

On Thursday, December 11th, Sam Feuer and Vanessa Branco went to a power breakfast at the Hudson Theatre where Brandon Steiner interviewed Mark Cuban and Derek Jeter.  With their deep love for the Yankees and for business, it was quite the experience.  Look out for the picture of them with Derek and Mark next week on Smacktive’s Facebook page!

To finish the week off in grand style,  Smacktive was featured in Forbes on Friday.   Smacktive is something that every person on the team envisioned,  it is something we all needed.  We built something that we can use ourselves, and we do.  As of today Smacktive has thousands of active users.  We are currently focusing our distribution in the NY and NJ area, but the app is available throughout the US on iOS.   Our CMO visited Oklahoma and saw four people near her in the area.  Our CEO noticed someone near him who wanted to go bowling.  Our business development lead connected with someone near him in LA to play a sport.

Ilya Posin from Forbes writes about how Smacktive helps solve the “paradox of choice”.  Smacktive allows users to do exactly what they want at any given time.  Smacktive connects people online to do things offline.  He finishes up the article with a powerful statement about Smacktive, “Smacktive isn’t alone in the space, and users have lots of options to find people nowadays. Of course, a lot of the other meetup apps out there seem to have a focus on dating. Smacktive seems to take the approach that if it can help users get out and find something to do, then new social connections will follow on naturally. That, to me, seems like a natural choice, and not a paradox at all.

You can read the full article here: