Smacktive on CNN

At Smacktive’s launch party last week, Sara O’ Brien from CNN was in attendance.  She immediately saw the Smacktive team’s vision, resulting in an article published yesterday on CNN Money.   We are very excited to share our vision with the world, and deeply thank Sara O’Brien for such an incredible article.

Quoting our CEO, Sam Feuer, from his Facebook Page:

“CNNSmack….And it begins! Thanks so much for seeing our vision Sara O’Brien and thanks to our entire team Ayelet Noff, Pete Moore, Vanessa M. Branco, Marcelo Moyano, and all the Smackers for making this dream come true. Now to keep building…Here we GoSmackkkkkk”

From the article:


One may be the loneliest number, but with Sam Feuer’s latest app, there should be no excuses for finding new friends.

Smacktive, which launched out of beta on Monday, could help remedy loneliness — and counter another epidemic while it’s at it: obesity.

The app helps people find others nearby to do completely platonic activities with. Think Tinder meets Meetup.

People post 140-character statuses about the type of activity they’d like to do, set a time frame, and either wait for people nearby to respond or check out what others are up to. Users can filter by gender, distance, age — and in-app messaging lets users coordinate details for meeting up. It’s currently available around the country, but Feuer imagines it’ll be most popular in major cities. (It’s currently just available on iOS but versions for Android and the web will roll out soon.)

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