Smacktive Sponsors Clinton Health Matters

February 07, 2015


Last week, Smacktive sponsored and attended the Clinton Foundation Health Matters Annual Activation Summit in beautiful Indian Wells, California. Pete Moore spoke about Smacktive in an impact announcement that was also streamed live, all attendees received an athletic Smacktive t-shirt, and were able to stop by our table in the relaxation lounge.


The Health Matters Summit provides specific examples of Clinton Health Matter Initiative’s work helping so many people in the US. It is an inspiring day led by President Bill Clinton.


In 2014, Pete Moore of Integrity Square, attended a session at the summit. It was during this session that Pete Moore was inspired to make a change in the health industry. President Clinton asked Bruce Brussard, CEO of Humana, what the top issue in obesity is. Mr. Brussard said “loneliness”.


In comes Smacktive.


Around the same time, our team, led by Sam Feuer, was creating an app that would allow people to do what they wanted, when they wanted, and not have any issue of being alone or not finding a partner. It started because Sam wanted to play tennis near him in NJ, with another dad or Yankees fan preferably, and there wasn’t something out there that connected him instantly with someone who was like him. So he decided to create it. Pete Moore heard about this, already inspired by the session in 2014, his company funded our app.


We are now on the mission to solve loneliness for millions of people.


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