Smacktive Sponsors & Competes @ City Challenge Race In Jersey City, NJ

May 28, 2015
Team Smacktive after their race! (Ethan Vasquez, Andrew Foo, Naveen Mewani, Dan Barreira, Mike Kosk, Samantha Foo, and Zarah Lofton)


On Saturday May 16th Smacktive sponsored at attended The City Challenge Race at Jersey City where hundreds of males and females participated in the race for the Wounded Warrior Project and Jersey City Youth Foundation. T to Vanessa Branco, Jabari Sills, Ethan Vasquez, Mike Kosk, and Naveen Mewani the event was a huge success and really helped increase the exposure and awareness about Smacktive. They were able to educate people on how Smacktive works and also help individuals get started with installing the app on their smartphone and hash tagging #CityChallengeRace.


Vanessa Branco with the founder of City Challenge Elvi Guzman.


The team set up a tent where they handed out rally towels, chap sticks and key chains to people who stopped by and also held a giveaway for several Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards. People were very intrigued with the functions of the app and found it very useful going forward with their fitness goals and lifestyles. By the end of the day everyone was aware about Smacktive and how it works.


Smacktive giveaways!


Smacktive’s participation was not limited to the booth: the Smacktive team (which consisted of Ethan Vasquez, Samantha Foo, Andrew Foo, Naveen Mewani, Dan Barreira, Mike Kosk and Zarah Lofton) decided to part take in the race and did really well with 2 of its members finished first and second in their wave. The race consisted of hurdling cars, climbing ropes, kettle bell swings and much more. The team stuck together and everyone was able to finish he race! The overall support and feedback the Smacktive team received was extremely positive and it was a pleasure to sponsor such a great event!


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